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              Our own automation engineering team is based mainly on independent research and development, combined with external collaboration, enabling LJV to provide ultimate one-stop shop solutions and services from fully automated production, intelligent production cells to test validation.

              Product development verification cycle is greatly reduced by integrating LJV’s own independent automation design with R&D within its well-equipped in-house laboratory. LJV has been widely accepted by the industry and has won not only trust but high praise and recognition from customers and partners for manufacturing feasibility and consistent reliability.

              • RE11 Process Integration System

                Encoder RE11 Series product assembly line is an automated production line developed independently by LJV. RE11 Series product assembly line consists of five sets of equipment, and integrates multiple processes including shaft and bushing assembly, encoder body and switch body assembly, bracket assembly and riveting, etc. Compared to the previous manual production line with over 30 workers, this automation line is signifcantly: reduce of labor cost, higher efficiency and reliability, by which only 3-4 workers are needed to be involved with the operation of this production line, and works in a roughly 24-hour shift. Total production output of automatic lines engaged in assembling is over 1500 pieces an hour.

              • HSD Series production line

                LJV led the development of the automated FAKRA and HSD cable assembling production lines with support of external collaboration. With a total length of about 10 meters and a width of 1.5 meters, the production lines enable the integration of multiple processes, including wire-stripping, wire-distributing, terminal crimping, body inserting, CCD inspection, plastic cover assembling,etc. The automation lines operates in a roughly 24-hour shift with only few workers to be involved in. Total production output of each automated line is over 400 pieces an hour, and the product quality is of high stability.

              Schleuniger automatic cutting and stripping machine

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